The Foundation license is the entry point to all things amateur radio and your ability to get on air. It is the first step to entry which can be achieved by sitting a basic assessment.

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The Standard license allows more accessible bands, more power, and additional modes. This is an intermediate step in the quest for for the Advanced license.

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The Advanced license opens up all privileges allowed for amateur radio operators in Australia. The options are virtually unlimited for the Advanced amateur.

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Next Foundation Course and Exams

Foundation Course The next Foundation Course will be held at the EMDRC club rooms on Wednesday, December 27. If you would like to attend, please register by clicking on the Request an Assessment link. At the last course we had ten (10) candidates that all passed and are now on air. The course commences at […]

Amateur Class Licence Update

Amateur Class Licence Update The AMC advised its assessors that their arrangement (via a Deed) with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) to provide certain amateur services is due to expire on 18 February 2024. While it was open to the AMC to seek an extension of this arrangement for a further 5 […]

Foundation Course and Exams

EMDRC Foundation Course. The last Foundation Licence training course was held on Saturday 28 October 2023 at the EMDRC club rooms in East Burwood. Exams conducted the following morning, Sunday 29 October 2023 for all licence classes. If you would like to register for a future course or examination, please use the “Request an Assessment” […]

More success stories

We had more success stories with training and assessment at the EMDRC in 2022. VK3PH has had more success stories as Foundation courses re-start at the EMDRC club rooms now that Covid restrictions have eased. AMC (Australian Maritime College) still require examiners to have been vaccinated and take appropriate diligence, as we should in everyday […]

Another successful round of assessments

The VK3PH team produced another successful round of assessments. The latest Foundation Course conducted at the EMDRC Club Rooms on Saturday 30 July 2022 produced another successful round of assessments. Resulting in four (4) successful candidates. All new to the hobby of Amateur radio. Once their paperwork has been processed by the ACMA we will […]

Advanced syllabus changes announced by the AMC

Advanced syllabus changes announced by the AMC (Australian Maritime College). Correspondence from the AMC – 18 May 2022 Dear Assessor, We write in response to the recent ACMA Amateur Radio Update (March 2022) survey results relating to changes to the Advanced Syllabus, accordingly please be advised that the AMC Amateur Radio Office will be changing […]

Welcome to my new website

My objective is to promote the hobby of amateur radio by creating interest to attract new people, keeping the hobby relevant and alive. I have been actively involved in the amateur radio community since 1978. During this time I have seen the hobby through good times and bad. As we approach sunspot cycle #25, the […]