Amateur Class Licence Update

The AMC advised its assessors that their arrangement (via a Deed) with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) to provide certain amateur services is due to expire on 18 February 2024.

While it was open to the AMC to seek an extension of this arrangement for a further 5 years, they have elected to not seek such an extension, and will cease providing amateur services from February 2024.

The ACMA has informed AMC that, as part of its transition to amateur class licensing, it would welcome retaining the expertise of assessors to conduct amateur radio examinations under a new accreditation scheme, which it will manage.

It expects to consult on the new accreditation scheme in August 2023; and assessors will be provided an opportunity to provide a submission at that time. The ACMA also wishes to streamline assessor involvement in the new process and will engage with them directly, so that they are fully informed. The proposal aims to provide continuity for amateur radio operators, and will utilise current assessor expertise to conduct and mark examinations for amateur radio qualifications.

The ACMA will soon be advising amateurs of AMCs decision not to seek extension of the Deed. A copy of the ACMA e-bulletin is here.

Information Session Summary

The ACMA held an information session for current assessors on Wednesday 21 June 2023. Summary below:

  • There will be two types of assessors – General and Specialist.
  • All existing AMC assessors will be automatically accredited by the ACMA. Certifications will be issued in Feb 2024, so no need to re-apply.
  • Only 1 assessor is required to conduct an examination (same as AMC, but not the same as WIA).
  • No assessments are allowed in private homes.
  • The pool of questions will be published to assessors (and maybe only assessors).
  • Exams will be generated from the question pool, so they are different for each candidate.
  • Assessors (or the clubs they represent) must provide their own public liability insurance.
  • No fully-automated online assessment regime is planned.
  • Remote assessments via Video Conference are permitted.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning to be finalised before Feb 2024, but not likely to be any different to AMC.
  • No changes planned to the syllabus.
  • A consultation paper will be published in August, so everyone can have their say.
  • A copy of the 15 slides will be sent to everyone.

For more information, and updates, visit the ACMA website.