Use this form to register for any scheduled or unscheduled training courses or to request assessment by prior arrangement.


Assessments are conducted by volunteer amateur radio operators on behalf of the Australian Maritime College (AMC). Details provided will be kept private and confidential. For more information see the AMC website.

Please indicate which assessment(s) you require and complete the details in the form. These details are required to register your assessment(s) with the AMC. This form can also be used to register for Foundation Training with the EMDRC.

Request assessment for practical if you do not currently hold a licence or have not previously passed a Practical. A Practical is free if it is conducted with any other assessment.

Request assessment for regulations if you are applying for Standard or Advanced and have not previously passed the Regulations. You can sit for the Regulations at any time.

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VK3PH running a Foundation Class at the EMDRC club rooms

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