New Website
Welcome to my new website

My objective is to promote the hobby of amateur radio by creating interest to attract new people, keeping the hobby relevant and alive.

I have been actively involved in the amateur radio community since 1978. During this time I have seen the hobby through good times and bad. As we approach sunspot cycle #25, the predictions are looking good for DX activity on HF. My favorite band is 10 m (28.0 to 29.7 MHz) – what’s yours?

This new website provides information for budding amateurs of all ages. One of the most exciting things about amateur radio is the range of activities available and there are no restrictions on age. We can make what we like of the hobby, so why not!

So let me know if there is anything you would like to see here to further promote the hobby. For a start, you can read The Amateurs Code, learn Phonetics or learn Morse Code.

I am continually adding content to improve the sites reach as I encourage you to get involved. Come back and look as many times as you like and you will find something new to learn. I am a life member of the Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club (EMDRC), so please have a look at my club’s website too.

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